Matt Burgess - Head of Marketing, Media, PR and Communications

Matt Burgess - Head of Marketing, Media, PR and Communications

Matt comes from a design background, working primarily within architecture and graphic design, and has most recently worked as Senior Design & Marketing Manager with a full-service marketing agency and as Marketing Manager to a construction-based manufacturing company.  As a designer and marketeer he is responsible for communicating the Dementia Adventure message to clients, stakeholders and the public.

Matt recently moved to Essex from London. He enjoys bushcraft, walking, foraging and being close to nature. Coast to coast bike rides and canoe trips in Scotland have all featured as part of his personal adventures and he hopes to canoe the great lakes and rivers of Sweden and Canada in the future. Matt has also completed a Permaculture Design Course in order to have a better understanding of natural systems and sustainable ways of living.

Call Matt on 01245 237548 or email him at

Wilf and Aileen

“It made me feel more like a human being again. It has opened new doors to friendship.” Wilf & Aileen

“We were with people who understood. I could relax and enjoy being looked after too. I had nothing to organise. Brian felt relaxed. Everything was high quality.” Brian & Rachel

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