Neil Mapes - Chief Executive Officer

Neil Mapes - Chief Executive Officer

Neil Mapes is co-founder and CEO of Dementia Adventure.  He is a Clore Social Fellow, RSA Fellow and was selected by an expert panel of judges at NESTA and the Observer newspaper as one of “Britain’s New Radicals” – 50 people and organisations changing Britain for the better.  Neil has a background in clinical psychology, dementia advocacy and adventure travel.  Motivated by experiences in his own family he has worked for over 20 years to enable people living with dementia to have more choice and control in how they live their lives, bringing joy and positivity into re-framing how we currently understand dementia. 

Neil is widely regarded as an inspirational international speaker, author, trainer, facilitator, and social innovator.  He has an extensive range of LinkedIn endorsements including skills, expertise and experience in:

Mental health and social services
Strategy and non-profits
Community outreach
Workshop facilitation and training
Public speaking​

Neil is generally available from Monday to Thursday and can be contacted at the office or on his mobile 07870 770887 or by email at

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Wilf and Aileen

“It made me feel more like a human being again. It has opened new doors to friendship.” Wilf & Aileen

“We were with people who understood. I could relax and enjoy being looked after too. I had nothing to organise. Brian felt relaxed. Everything was high quality.” Brian & Rachel

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