Julie Street, Volunteer Coordinator

Julie is covering Hayley’s maternity leave in 2020 working alongside Carol looking after the recruitment, training, management and support of our team of volunteers.

After an early career in marketing and product management for a large insurance company in London Julie was looking for something more rewarding and switched her skills to the voluntary sector. She has worked on volunteer development projects for charities including HomeStart and Citizens Advice. As the manager of the Volunteer Centre in Stevenage she gained more knowledge of good practice in volunteer management.

Volunteers have always remained at the heart of the charities she’s worked with and she has supported volunteers at fundraising events and in delivering services for young people with muscular dystrophy, young families and people
needing advice.

More recently Julie delivered a project with Crossroads Care in Hertfordshire funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group working with GPs and their Patient Participation Groups to connect family carers with support in their local
community. She has personal experience as a family carer helping her Dad support her mother who was living with Alzheimer’s.

Julie is passionate about volunteering and believes there are many benefits to an individual’s well being from giving their time. She also loves being outdoors and enjoys walking, cycling, skiing and believes everyone should be able to access nature and the uplifting impact of some fresh air. Looking after volunteers at Dementia Adventure is the perfect opportunity to combine her two passions!


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