Kath Pyke - Project Leader

Kath Pyke, Project Coordinator, Training, Research & Consultancy

Kath joined Dementia Adventure in 2013 bringing over 20 years experience of working in the environment sector on community engagement, education and information projects with a focus on connecting people to nature.

For the past eight years she has worked in supporting people with dementia to have more choice and opportunities for nature-based experiences through training, facilitation workshops and consultancy. Organisations worked with range across sectors from Age UK, Abbeyfield and Methodist Homes Association and local authorities, through to Green Space Organisations such as The Wildlife Trusts, Care Farming UK and The Conservation Volunteers. Projects out of this work include developing sensory trails, nature themed strolls, arts and crafts sessions, making the most of garden spaces, simple friendly growing projects and trying to truly reflect what people would wish for.

As a real enthusiast for nature and the outdoors, and a large personal knowledge in ecology and all things growing, Kath is driven to supporting people in their outdoor and nature experiences from taking the simplest steps to bigger adventures.


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