Vivienne Depledge, CEO

Vivienne Depledge, Chief Executive Officer

I am pleased to be the Chief Executive Officer, having joined the organisation in September 2019. My role is to develop our funding and support networks, represent Dementia Adventure externally to ensure broader recognition of what we do and work to build our internal capabilities as we continue to grow and evolve. I will be developing relationships with partners to ensure maximum impact of the Dementia Adventure vision of a society in which people live well with dementia, connect with nature and themselves and enjoy a sense of adventure.

My experience at senior leadership level was in my role as CEO for an Essex based charity, supporting people who are at risk of homelessness. I take every opportunity to raise awareness of the causes and the issues faced by people who have been labelled, either by their housing status, their physical or mental health condition, or any other label that separates them from mainstream provision and support. I am always keen to influence wider attitudinal change towards marginalised groups. I am pleased to be able to use my leadership experience in my role as a Trustee for Essex Community Foundation. I have previously worked at senior management level within London Borough of Croydon and used my management and leadership experience to develop and operate my own Coaching business for several years.

The best thing about this role is the opportunity to impact many people’s lives. The supported adventures and accessible training that we provide will improve the lives of people living with dementia and their families. I enjoy supporting the team to be flexible to respond to changing demands as the health and social care systems develop.

I work for Dementia Adventure because I am inspired and motivated by the challenge to influence people to think differently about dementia. The aim is to see the person, their hopes and dreams and interests, and to create environments where they can create new memories and access old ones. It’s a very simple and proven formula, to get people outdoors, to connect with nature and their community. The barriers are often for those in a caring role but the tools we have developed and share in our training are designed to empower people to take managed risks. I am passionate about empowering others and recognising the potential in everyone.

The best advice I have ever been given is “You can choose comfort or courage, but you can’t choose both”.


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