We’re working to make sure everyone living with dementia has access to the outdoors and nature, to connect with themselves and their communities, to retain a sense of adventure in their lives.

With the number of people receiving diagnosis increasing each year, more people than ever need our support and the demand for our services is growing.

Year on year our impact is increasing, with 2017 being our most effective year to date.



Every £1 raised received through fundraising generated £22

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The number of volunteers increased from 51 in 2016 to 103 in 2017

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6,205 volunteer hours bringing £81,784 added value

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29% increase in social media


36% increase in newsletter subscriptions

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35% increase in website visitors

Christine and Sydney
On holiday we did things we never dreamt we would

Christine and Sydney Browning had their first Dementia Adventure holiday in September 2017.

Christine says that she had given up on being able to go on holiday with Syd again. Everything was too difficult away from home and she felt that holidays were too ambitious.

Christine and Sydney’s vicar knew that their life was very stressful and started to look for some support. He came across Dementia Adventure and suggested Christine give us a ring.

Christine took his advice and booked onto our Ireby holiday. Although she had a few concerns initially, Christine says she needn’t have worried at all because from the very first meeting with Dementia Adventure staff she and Syd both felt comfortable and knew they would be safe and looked after.

“We instantly felt trust in everyone. On holiday we did things we never dreamt we would do such as climbing a waterfall, going down a slate mine and getting to the top of Latrigg. It was lovely that the responsibility for Syd was shared and for the first time in 2.5 years she had a shower on her own while the volunteers took Syd for an early morning walk to collect fresh produce from the allotment”.

While away Christine noticed that Syd’s ability to use cutlery improved, and this has stayed the same since they returned.

Christine hopes to be travelling with Dementia Adventure again in 2018.



157 places across 24 holidays

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36% post-holiday increase in feeling positive and happy

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34% post-holiday increase in confidence to go outdoors and try something new

Our holidays data shows an impressive uplift post-holiday of people with dementia feeling positive and happy, having the confidence to go outdoors and try new things, and feeling they have a positive relationship with their main supporter most or all of the time.

Pauline and Bryan have recently returned from Windermere where they had been on their first Dementia Adventure holiday.

For Bryan, most of every day is filled with caring for Pauline and running their house. His GP and other healthcare professionals supporting them were starting to get concerned about him and his welfare as a carer and suggested he needed a break. He and Pauline had previously enjoyed river cruises together in France but due to Pauline’s increased care needs Bryan says he had given up on going on a proper holiday together again.

Bryan was then told about Dementia Adventure. The Dementia Adventure holiday would enable Pauline and Bryan to take a holiday together and support them as much or as little as they needed. The couple joined our Windermere holiday which Bryan says, “was the best thing that could happen to me”.

Pauline and Bryan were supported by our Adventure Leader Jesse and a team of three volunteers, who Bryan says from the moment they arrived, “took over everything, I didn’t have to worry about a thing, I was redundant which was absolutely wonderful—it was the longest rest I’ve had for weeks”.

During the week Pauline and Bryan were able to take a trip on a boat on Windermere, visit a birds of prey centre and even had the chance to take a zip wire ride! Bryan reports it was a joy to see Pauline enjoying herself.

They had had a wonderful week and the look on her face told him she had enjoyed every minute of it. “Fabulous, brilliant, exhausting and, in my particular case, totally relaxing,” says Bryan.

Pauline and Bryan on holiday
The best thing that could happen to me




29 seminars reaching 324 people

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97% of attendees have a better understanding of communicating with people with dementia


96% of attendees have a more positive understanding of dementia

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79% of attendees have the confidence to go outdoors and try new things

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2,837 individuals trained

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