Dementia Adventure has a vision of society in which people live well with dementia, have contact and connection with nature, and enjoy a sense of adventure.   A society where people enjoy a full range of activities, have strong relationships with people in their communities and have access to places connected to their interests, passions and dreams.

On holiday at the Lake District
Man with dementia helping to steer a sail boat


To enable people living with dementia to get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and retain a sense of adventure in their lives.

Values and Aims

We believe in thinking differently about dementia, hence the name Dementia Adventure. Our positive focus is on the individual and not on the illness. We look at what people can do, not what they can’t. We concentrate on ‘the possible’. It is our belief that people can thrive and live better with dementia when they remain connected to nature and enjoy a sense of adventure in their lives.

man with dementia abseiling with help