Here’s our simple step-by-step checklist to ensure your fundraising event is a winner:

Come up with a Great Idea

Read our fundraising ideas for some of our favourites.

There are lots more ideas at

Find the Right Venue

Think carefully about the sort of space you’ll need.

Indoor or outdoor? Big or small? What facilities do you need? And don’t forget to tell the venue it’s for charity—you may get a reduced rate.

Give Yourself Time

Make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time to get everything sorted and for people to get it in their diaries.

Pick a date that’s easy for people, like a weekend, or it’s at work choose a Friday. Always try to raise the majority of your fundraising target at least six months before the event.

Prepare a Budget

Work out how much your event will cost.

Remember to include the venue, refreshments and equipment.  Don’t forget to tell people it is for charity to see if you can get a discounted rate or can borrow things rather than buy them.  You can also ask local businesses to donate prizes.

Set a Target and Tell Everybody!

Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving then share, share, share!

Start by asking everyone you know—the more people you ask, the more you will raise! ALWAYS try to start with a generous sponsor as this will set a high standard for the rest, (it really does work).  Ask somebody like your mum, dad, husband, wife or generous friend to start you off. Ask friends and family for sponsorship money instead of birthday presents or Christmas cards.

Spread the Word

Tell everyone through every channel possible—talk about it, tweet, post, blog, vlog—anything to get the word out there.

Make sure you tell people your story and share why you are doing your event. People respond to personal stories.

Create a Facebook event and invite your friends. Write a blog while you are preparing for a challenge so that your sponsors can go on the journey with you—write about your progress or give tips.

Promote your challenge using your email signature with a link to your online fundraising page. Ask your friends and colleagues to add the signature to their emails too.

Use Videos

Videos can really help to bring your story and fundraising to life. And there are loads of different ways to make and share videos.

You can share our videos too and help your supporters understand what difference your fundraising could make for real people.

Let your Local Media Know

Contact your local newspaper and radio stations. We can help you write a press release.

Ask Your Employer to Help

Ask your employer to sponsor you.

Some employers might even match the donations you receive from your friends and family. You could put a sponsorship form in your office reception, ask to promote your challenge in your employers’ internal and/or external newsletter or advertise on your staff notice board. They might even let you hold an office dress down Friday or Christmas jumper day.

Speak to Local Businesses and Groups

Persuade local pubs, businesses, restaurants and theatres to give you a donation or let you put your sponsorship forms at their till points. They might donate a prize so you can hold a raffle.

After the Event

Make sure you thank your supporters.

If your local media can’t promote your fundraising before the event, send a follow up story with a photo of the event. If they did promote it, send a thank-you letter to say how much money was raised and thank those that took part.

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