There is huge potential for the involvement of volunteers throughout the charity.

We see your contribution as central to the way in which we intend to deliver real quality of life changes for people living with dementia all over the country. We have been extremely flattered that people from all walks of life with many diverse interests and talents have come forward to volunteer for us. We very much see the talents that volunteers bring, as making us more a diverse and successful as a charity.

Please take a look below at the vacancies that are currently available.

Group taking a walk on a sunny day

Community Ambassador

Promoting Dementia Adventure and our mission at local community events such as dementia and memory cafes, Peoples Postcode Lottery events, Women’s Institute, Rotary, U3A and similar groups/organisations.

Holiday Supporter

Travelling to one of our holiday locations across the UK and supporting the running of a five day residential holiday (usually Monday-Friday) for people living with dementia and their carers.

And much more!

We encourage you to bring your skills and interests with you—so if you specialise in massage, play the banjo or are a wizard with excel, please feel free to bring your special skills to us. Thus our work is truly enhanced by your influence and we become more than the sum of our parts.

For more information please contact Carol Holdsworth on 01245 237548 or use the enquiry form below:


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