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What's Stopping You?

Some common issues may be:

Lack of confidence

Fear of what could happen

Lack of motivation

A belief it must be safer inside

Lack of support

Lack of knowledge about where to go or what to do

Physical accessibility

Lack of transport

Lack of time

Top Tips for Overcoming Common Issues:

Give the person you support a sense of purpose when going out. Try phrases like:

“I need to get a breath of fresh air, I would love your company”
“Shall we pop out and…”
“Can you keep me company while I...?”

If someone is resistant to going out, try to understand why. Consider:

Are they anxious? What might they need to know to be reassured?
Do they need some time to process what you’re asking them to do?
Use photos or pictures to help explain and ensure understanding about where they are going.

Choose the right time of day

Are you a morning or afternoon person?
Do you have natural energy dips at certain times of day?
We all have good days and bad days, so pick a good day for an adventure.

Plan ahead

Find out where to park, whether you need tickets, will you need to take refreshments or if there will be toilets nearby.
If you are supporting another person, you might be able to get in for free.

Take someone with you

Could a friend or family member come with you to give you a confidence boost, and an extra pair of hands?

Book community transport

If you don’t drive or want to travel by bus or train, you can arrange for community transport to pick you up and return you home.

Contact your local tourist information centre

Find out about accessible gardens, parks and farms.