• Sailing at Maldon
  • Sailing at Maldon
  • Sailing at Maldon
  • Sailing at Maldon

Thames Barge Sailing

Maldon, Essex

5 days, Monday to Friday
Price: £650 per person

27–31 August 2018 1 LEFT

The Location

Sailing from Maldon, we explore the beautiful ‘Essex Sunshine Coast’ afloat. The Essex coast is the longest of any English county with 350 miles of varied and beautiful coastline. Our route takes in rugged sheltered coves, vast saltmarshes that teem with wildfowl and beautiful sandy beaches.

Here at Dementia Adventure we have witnessed first-hand for years how much benefit people with dementia and their carers can derive from joining a group sailing trip like this—even if they have never sailed before. When the Sea-Change Sailing Trust offered to host our groups on board back in 2013 we jumped at the chance, and have since run eight successful voyages with them. Once on board, the group become active members of the crew, and we aim to help everyone to achieve as much as they can during the voyage. The feeling of camaraderie which develops naturally on a trip like this one can be brilliant, life affirming and with long lasting benefit. Sea-Change Sailing Trust supplies all safety equipment including lifejackets and waterproofs, and the crew comprises a skipper, first mate and often a third hand who we will get to know and love!

Your Accommodation

You will be eating and sleeping on-board an iconic full-sail Thames Sailing Barge, famous along this stretch of coast. The boat is unique with two and three-bed bunked cabins available (please note some of the beds are at height and all are bunks), alongside a large living and dining area, with plenty of headroom. This means that we will be able to give you a certain degree of sleeping privacy but that the general nature of the voyage is a communal one. There are two toilets, and a hot shower, all of which must be pumped out after use (but we will give you a lesson on this on the first day!). The lower deck (living accommodation) is accessed via a steep ladder staircase and as such a degree of mobility is required on this trip.

The group will operate in ‘watches’ to sail the vessel and undertake domestic duties. These include: deck work, helming, chart work/navigation, cooking and cleaning. Joining in with the tasks necessary to run the voyage is a huge part of the fun of being on board, but of course, if people are not feeling up to it, they can relax—there are plenty of us on board to get the jobs done!

Mealtimes are enjoyed together, with everyone able to join in with the preparation, cooking and clearing up afterwards. Dementia Adventure organises a menu plan and the shopping beforehand so the hard work is already taken care of. The accent is on filling, tasty food made to satisfy hungry sailors, interspersed with many cups of tea and the odd piece of cake!

Seating area inside the boat
Deck of the boat
Climbing the ropes

Our holidays get booked up fast, to avoid disappointment PLEASE BOOK EARLY.

Deposits are £100. Full payment is required two months before the holiday.
For more information or to book your holiday please call us on 01245 237548 or use this holiday enquiry form:


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