Research underpins all our work at Dementia Adventure. We are an evidence-led charity, making sure what we do benefits people living with dementia.

Through the publication and sharing of reports and films we inspire people to understand what is possible. We provide practical solutions focused on positive risk-taking to support people with dementia to benefit from nature based or outdoor activities.

Our vision is to expand the awareness, resources and availability of nature based, positive risk-taking activities for people living with dementia.

Our short to medium term aims are:

  • To develop and refine our understanding of the costs and benefits associated with:
    • The social value and impact of our charitable activities
  • Support independent academic research into our work—developing and improving our research standards through:
    • Building formal partnerships with Universities and research groups
    • Leading on sharing and presenting the results from our research partnerships
    • Promoting research into the benefits of nature based activities for people with dementia

We can:

Fund or support your research work to expand.

Discuss supporting your research funding proposal or project.

Explore how we can add value to your research through bespoke overnight residential workshops in nature based locations.

Share relevant research or resources you are aware of or have written.

You can:

Volunteer to support our research.

Join our growing list of research partners working with us for mutual benefit.