Our programme of free online Dementia Skills Sessions are for the family and friends of people living with dementia.

The sessions connect you with experienced dementia trainers and other dementia supporters. You’ll learn how to think differently about dementia and receive practical guidance for your role.

The programme covers a range of subjects to help people at home, in the workplace, in care homes, and people providing outdoor or nature-based activities or wanting their organisation to be more inclusive. 

The starting point for the Dementia Skills Session programme is the key building block – Thinking Differently About Dementia. It is essential that you complete this module before any of the others, as it provides you with foundational knowledge you need to get the most out of further training.

All of our Dementia Skills Sessions are free, made possible through donations, including the player’s of the People’s Postcode Lottery. If you would like to make a donation to enable us to support more people with dementia at this critical time please click here .

For more information about our Dementia Skills Sessions, call 01245 237548 or contact us.

A Note for Professionals

If you are in paid work supporting people with dementia, it may be possible for you to join one of our free, online Thinking Differently About Dementia Dementia Skills Sessions, subject to availability.

While these unique sessions are primarily for the friends and family supporting a person with dementia, they offer an invaluable opportunity for you to develop your skills, experience and practice. You will hear firsthand the experiences of friends and family supporting loved ones with dementia.

If you would like to book on, please contact us.

Alternatively, we offer bespoke training for professionals or organisations who work with people with dementia, find out more, or contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.

“The session was well prepared, visually engaging and easy to understand. Debbie and Kath have strong facilitation skills and invited participants to get involved where possible. Carers attending the session were listened to and given positive affirming feedback about their support to the people living with dementia they support.”
“Your explanations were wonderfully clear and helpful, particularly for a practitioner such as myself needing to refresh my knowledge. Your webinar was perfect for me and will be perfect for my clients and their loved ones”.

Dementia Skills Sessions for Family, Friends and Unpaid Caregivers