Our programme of FREE online Dementia Skills Sessions start with ‘Thinking Differently About Dementia’.

This session is for family and friends, and staff and volunteers who support somebody living with dementia. You will connect with experienced dementia trainers and other dementia carers to learn more about dementia and receive practical guidance that will help you in your supportive role. 

Our experienced trainers cover:

  • Understanding dementia and the common symptoms 
  • How dementia affects the senses, communication and behaviour
  • The importance of continuing to ‘see’ the person (and not the condition)
  • Practical ways to connect with a person with dementia
  • Strategies to overcome communication barriers
  • Solutions for adapting the environment.
  • The benefits of a connection with nature and the outdoors

This 2-hour session provides you with the foundational knowledge you need in understanding dementia, therefore it is essential to complete this session before booking into any of our other Dementia Skills Sessions. 

Who Should Attend?

This session is primarily for unpaid family caregivers or friends of people living with dementia, but it is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of dementia.

Please note that if you are a paid member of staff or a volunteer working with people with dementia you are welcome to join us, but please note there is a maximum limit of 2 individuals per project/organisation in each session, and there are only 16 professional tickets available per session. 

Attendees told us that:

  • 94% have an increased understanding of how to support someone living with dementia
  • 85% have more knowledge of the information and support available 
  • 83% felt better able to cope with their situation
  • 8 out of 10 have a more positive understanding of dementia
  • 7 out of 10 carers feel less isolated
  • 85% of professional attendees plan to make recommendations for how their organisation might better support carers and people living with dementia.

Thinking Differently About Dementia Sessions are FREE to attend, but booking is essential. 

The sessions will be online, via zoom, they are really easy to join and you will receive full instructions on how to access the training.

How to Join an Online Session

When you book into one of our Dementia Skills Sessions you will receive an email containing a link to click in order to join the session. We deliver the sessions via Zoom, but you don’t need to download any special software—all you need is the link we’ll send you. Please watch this short film by DEEP that gives a very simple explanation of the process:

A Note to Professionals

If you are in paid work supporting people with dementia, you are welcome to join one of our free, online Thinking Differently About Dementia Dementia Skills Sessions.

While these unique sessions are primarily for the friends and family supporting a person with dementia, they offer an invaluable opportunity for you to develop your skills, experience and practice. You will hear firsthand the experiences of friends and family supporting loved ones with dementia.

We request that a maximum of 2 individuals from the same organisation book into a session. There are only 16 professional tickets available for each session.

We offer bespoke training for professionals or organisations who work with people with dementia, find out more, or contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.

Feedback from previous events:

This is something everyone living with a relative with dementia should attend.
I feel so much more positive leaving the session than when I walked through the door.
It’s made me feel less alone and more optimistic on this journey.

Thinking Differently About Dementia

Book your free place at a Thinking Differently About Dementia Session by selecting one of the events below and clicking on the ‘More Information’ button.

Dementia Skills Session: Thinking Differently About Dementia – Online

Wednesday, 21st July 2021
18.00 – 20:00 GMT

Dementia Skills Session: Thinking Differently About Dementia – Online

Wednesday, 1st Sept 2021
10.30 – 12:30 GMT

Dementia Skills Session: Thinking Differently About Dementia – Online – West Sussex Residents

Tuesday, 14th Sept 2021
10.30 – 12:30 GMT

Dementia Skills Session: Thinking Differently About Dementia – Online

Wednesday, 15th September 2021
10.30 – 12:30 GMT


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