Dementia Training For Friends & Family

It is estimated by 2040 that 1.6 million people will be living with dementia in the UK and approximately two thirds of those people will be living at home and be looked after by a family member or friend.

Many carers feel they are doing what anyone else would in the same situation – looking after their mother, husband, wife or friend and just getting on with it. Caring can be immensely rewarding but it can also take up a huge amount of time and energy and it’s hard to find the time to take care of your own well-being or find the support you need.

Families tell us that post diagnosis they’re often not given the information they need to equip them to support their loved ones. This is why we have developed our Dementia Skills Sessions and Nature is Calling programme.


Dementia Skills Sessions

Our programme of free online Dementia Skills Sessions are for the family and friends of people living with dementia, as well staff and volunteers who support people with dementia as part of their work.

The sessions connect you with experienced dementia trainers and other dementia supporters. You’ll learn how to think differently about dementia and receive practical guidance for your role.

The starting point for the Dementia Skills Session programme is the key building block – Thinking Differently About Dementia. It is essential that you complete this module before any of the others, as it provides you with foundational knowledge you need to get the most out of further training.

If you have any questions about our Dementia Skills Sessions contact us or call 01245 237548.

woman and mum sitting on bench in the park
“The session was well prepared, visually engaging and easy to understand. Carers attending the session were listened to and given positive, affirming feedback about their support to the people living with dementia they support.”

Thinking Differently About Dementia


Thinking Differently About Dementia is the first module in our Dementia Skills Session training programme. In each 2 hour session our qualified trainers cover:

  • Understanding dementia and the common symptoms
  • Continuing to see the person (not the condition)
  • Strategies to overcome communication barriers
  • Practical tips to connect with a person with dementia
  • The benefits of contact with nature and the outdoors
  • Information about other support available to you

You will have the opportunity to ask individual questions while joining other people in a similar situation.

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Mood & Motivation

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Mood & Motivation looks at why some people with dementia and their supporters feel challenged finding the motivation to ‘get up and do’. We’ll consider helpful tips on how to raise mood, build confidence, and encourage meaningful activities. Our trainers cover:

  • Discovering what inspires
  • Understanding the individual
  • Seizing the moment
  • Being ‘weather ready’
  • Working together
  • Communication 
  • Practical steps to try

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